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Galveston Fishing Guides  

  1. Red Fish
    Red fish are a common catch, they are one of the most fun fish to catch due to their very hard drag screaming abilities. These fish can be caught year round by galveston fishing guides and provide fun for whoever is lucky enough to get one on the line! Eats: Great eating, most people prefer to eat them under 30"
  2. Speckled Trout
    Trout are a breed of their own, they are sought by many Galveston fishing guides and fisherman, joining the 30" club is a very highly respected club for any fisherman/fisherwoman. These fish can be found throughout the entire bay system from the jetties all the way to the very back lakes and bayous depending on the time of year. Eats: Excellent table fare!
  3. Flounder
    Flounder are another one of the common catches in the bay system. Galveston fishing guides know that Fall is for the flounder run, which means lots of Flatties! They are an extremely aggressive fish and will eat just about anything that moves in front of them, which makes it fun for anglers while fishing Galveston bay! Eats: Flounder are one of my favorites!
  4. Black Drum
    Black drum can be a lot of fun! Galveston fishing guides know that spring is the time for the Drum run, usually March-April they start coming in for their Spawn, and numerous catches are reported every year. These Big Uglys are a blast to catch and give people a good chance of catching a fish of a lifetime (size wise), commonly being caught in the 30-50 plus inch range! Eats: Smaller ones eat very good 25-30" and under
  5. Sheepshead
    Sheepshead are abundant throughout the Jetties and Bay system, they love to hang around oysters and rocks. They like to eat along the bottom or structure that holds any kind of barnacles with their unique human or sheep like teeth! Galveston fishing guides can usually catch sheepshead throughout the year. Sheepshead provide fun for the whole family. Eats: They eat very well and can be prepared many different ways!
  6. Alligator Gar
    One of the coolest fish you can catch is the Alligator Gar this is a hard fighting, dangerous fish to catch. Also one of the most prehistoric looking fish that swims, these fish can reach length over 8 feet and weigh in excess of 300lbs.

While fishing with a Galveston Fishing Guide hopefully you have an excellent experience on the water enjoying  what Galveston Fishing is all about!